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Watches are really personal and which one to get would really depend on a few things - your lifestyle, what you prefer wearing day-to-day, etc.

I discussed your question with a friend of mine who knows more about watches than I do and his reply was brief and it said:

Of the three, I think the IWC is the most interesting but also versatile, if this is the only watch he will wear. I find the Tudor a little pedestrian and prefer the history behind the Mk17. Like I said it’s much more versatile.”

The three are rather different watches - each nonetheless beautiful. A diver, a pilot’s and a dress(ish) watch.

My pick would be the Tudor, though. I just have a soft spot for divers. (And I’m not too inclined on pilots’ watches).

I know this isn’t very helpful, but I hope it assists a little.

Sorry for the late reply!

The leg openings are 7 inches, and you’re right - cuffs are 2 inches.